About ASCE Exosome Treatment

ASCE plus SRLV exosomes represent an advanced approach to skin rejuvenation in the field of aesthetic treatments. They are driven by 5 billion exosomes produced by ExoCoBio and are considered the next generation of regenerative solutions for the skin. These exosomes, in conjunction with hyaluronic acid of high viscosity, 10 different growth factors, 6 types of peptides, NAD+, DMAE, and glutathione, serve as the fundamental components for promoting skin health and vitality. 

The effectiveness of these exosomes has been documented in 13 scientific research publications and is protected by 37 owned patents. Furthermore, these exosomes are manufactured to the highest quality standards, utilizing the world’s first specialized GMP manufacturing facility dedicated to exosome production. ASCE plus SRLV is a cosmeceutical product specifically designed for in-clinic use. It combines acellular stem cell-derived exosomes with hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, providing a comprehensive solution for enhancing the appearance and well-being of the skin.

How does ASCE Exosomes work?

Exosomes are tiny particles that facilitate communication between your skin cells. They travel between fibroblasts, transmitting signals, growth factors, cytokines, and peptides, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It’s important to note that exosomes cannot replicate or proliferate.

ASCE plus SRLV serves three primary functions: skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammation, and reconstruction of the skin barrier. Through a series of treatments, this solution leads to the revitalization of the skin, reduction in pigmentation and redness, and overall improvement in skin quality and texture. Developed using ExoSCRT Technology, a professional approach by ExoCoBio, it offers the following benefits:

  1. Strengthening: It strengthens the skin by addressing damage and providing necessary care.
  2. Cell regeneration: It enhances the skin environment to restore the natural process of cell regeneration.
  3. Self-regeneration ability: It imparts fundamental self-regeneration capabilities to the skin, enabling it to rejuvenate and repair itself.

Who is suitable for ASCE Exosomes treatment?

People who have below skin concerns: 

  • Visible signs of skin aging
  • Sensitive skin
  • Signs of stress that have not been dealt with in skin
  • Sagging skin that has lost its elasticity
  • Constant signs of dryness
  • Smooth out broken or uneven skin texture

Who are not suitable for ASCE Exosomes treatment?

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Active skin infections
  • Oncological diseases
  • Epilegsy and severe somatic conditions
  • Disease of the psyche and nervous system
  • Virus diseases, acute herpes, HIV/AIDS
  • Recently completed a course of chemotherapy or any other therapy for cancer treatment. It is recommended to be in remission from cancer and cleared by the treating oncologist for 5 years.
  • Problems with blood clotting

Pre-treatment Guidelines

  • Avoid sun exposure 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • Avoid exfoliation skincare routines such as acid scrubs, exfoliation, etc., for two weeks
  • Avoid Oral Isotretinoin (such as Accutane) 12 months before treatment.
  • Avoid retinol for 6 months before treatment. 
  • Suppose you have skin prone to acne and inflammation. In that case, you need to make an appointment in advance for a face-to-face consultation and communicate with the doctor whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.
  • One week before or on the treatment day is recommended to have HydraFacial or hydrating facial to boost the treatment results. 
  • Avoid having treatment during the menstruation period.
  • The overall operation time is usually 1.5 hours (5 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes topical numbing cream, 30-45 minutes operation)
  • The skin will be flushed or red, which may be expected when you leave your appointment and will usually go away in 72 hours or less. 
  • You might experience skin dullness and peeling after 72 hours, and it should get better in 7 days post-PRP Treatment. 
  • Please inform our practitioner if you have had any skin treatment within 30 days before the treatment
  • To limit sun exposure on the day of treatment, we recommend bringing a cap/hat and a pair of sunglasses. 

Post Treatment Guidelines

  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours and avoid spicy food, shellfish and beef
  • No strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • Wash your face after 24 hours
  • skin care products and cosmetics can be applied after 48 hours depending on the condition of the repair.
  • Pay attention to sun protection, physical sun protection above 50SPF and avoid sun exposure within two weeks