About Picosure Pro

PicoSure Pro is a state-of-the-art laser technology used in medical and aesthetic treatments, particularly for skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, and the treatment of various skin concerns such as pigmentation and melasma. It is an advanced version of the original PicoSure laser platform and is known for its ability to deliver ultra-short pulses of energy in picoseconds (trillionths of a second), which sets it apart from traditional lasers that deliver energy in nanoseconds. 

PicoSure Pro can be used for skin rejuvenation treatments to address concerns such as pigmentation irregularities, sunspots, freckles, and fine lines. It stimulates collagen production and improves overall skin texture and tone. PicoSure Pro has been used to improve the appearance of acne scars by promoting collagen remodeling and enhancing the skin’s natural healing processes.

The laser can target and break down excess pigmentation in the skin, such as age spots, sunspots, and melasma. It’s important to note that PicoSure Pro treatments should be performed by licensed and experienced medical professionals who are trained in using the technology. The number of sessions required and the results achieved can vary depending on the individual’s specific skin concerns and treatment goals.

Who is suitable for Picosure Pro?

Ideal for treating pigmentary conditions and overall skin revitalization, with the added capability of tattoo removal.

You are not a suitable candidate for Picosure Pro treatment if you:

  • Are hypersensitive to light in the near-infrared wavelength region
  • Are taking medication which increases sensitivity to sunlight
  • Have light-induced seizure disorders
  • Have active localized or systemic infections or an open wound in the area being treated
  • Are pregnant and/or breastfeeding
  • Have significant systemic illness or an illness localized in area being treated
  • Common acquired nevi that are predisposed to the development of malignant melanoma
  • Have herpes simplex in the area being treated
  • Are receiving or have received gold therapy
  • Has used Accutane (Isotretinoin) in the last 6+ months
  • Have unrealistic expectations of end results

You will require a consultation with your respective doctor at Yuchi Medical before having an Picosure Pro treatment if you:

  • Had sun exposure within 4 weeks of treatment. This includes tanning beds, tanning products, creams, lotions, and sprays
  • Have a history of immunosuppression/immune deficiency or auto-immune disorder
  • Have coagulation disorder, on anticoagulant medication, including aspirin 
  • Taking medications which alter the wound healing response 
  • Have a history of keloid formation 
  • Have a history of skin cancer or suspicious lesions in the treatment area 

If the tattoo is the result of gunpowder or a combustible element 

Pre-treatment Guidelines

  • Avoid sun exposure 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • Avoid exfoliation skincare routines such as acid scrubs, exfoliation, etc., for two weeks
  • Avoid Oral Isotretinoin (such as Accutane) 12 months before treatment.
  • Avoid retinol for 6 months before treatment. 
  • If you have skin that is prone to acne and inflammation, you need to make an appointment in advance for a face-to-face consultation and communicate with the doctor whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.
  • It is recommended to have HydraFacial or hydrating facial one week before the treatment or on the treatment day to boost the treatment results. 
  • Avoid having treatment during the menstruation period.
  • A patch test is required 7 days prior to the treatment.
  • The overall operation time is usually 1.5 hours (5 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes topical numbing cream, 30-45 minutes operation)
  • It is recommended to apply hydration mask continuously for 7 days before and 7 days after the picosecond operation
  • To limit sun exposure on the day of treatment, we recommend bringing a cap/hat and a pair of sunglasses. 

Post-Treatment Care

  • Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks after treatment. This includes tanning beds, tanning products, creams, lotions and sprays
  • Do not rub or scratch the treated area.
  • Do not shave or shave if scabs appear. Apply Aquaphor ointment (tattoo) 2-3 times a day. Keep the area moist and let the scab/scab resolve itself.
  • Discomfort can be relieved with cold gel packs and/or over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen.
  • Avoid contact sports or any other activity that could cause injury to the treated area.
  • Avoid swimming, soaking, or using hot tubs/whirlpools until the skin has healed.
  • Call your doctor if you have any signs of infection (redness, tenderness, or pus).
  • Clean the treated area at least daily with water and a mild soap, then pat dry.

Frequent Q&A

There is no downtime with PicoSure Focus™ facials. Patients may experience erythema that typically resolves within a few hours, but in some cases, may linger up to 24 hours. Since each patient is unique, we highly recommend following the outlined clinical guidelines to help optimise safety and efficacy before treatment.

Most unwanted pigment will significantly lighten or clear in 2-3 sessions.

Typically less than 5% of subjects observe side effects however they can occur and include:

  • Scarring, keloid formation and indentation of the tissue
  • Postoperative erythema, edema, and pain
  • Hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation
  • Infection


The same complications and risks that exist for conventional or traditional surgery also exist for laser surgery. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Allergic reaction to medication
  • Arrhythmia
  • Pain
  • Ulceration
  • Fever
  • Delayed healing