4D line carving V face lifting technique

U.K. uses the biodegradable Korean PCL polycaprolactone protein thread for facial multi-dimensional lifting treatment. The PCL protein line has obtained international ISO 13485 and EU certification. Compared with the PDO protein thread, the Ez Cannula large thread can reduce bruises and edema, greatly reduce the number of needles, and shorten the recovery time; while the small thread Super Tornado has higher strength and is suitable for local lifting and anti-aging. The combined treatment of large and small lines can not only achieve a delicate small V face, resist facial sagging caused by aging, but also promote and stimulate the growth of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts at the bottom of the muscle, making the skin more plump and smooth from the inside out.

Three characteristics (highlight):
Professional doctor injection
product quality assurance
The effect is remarkable and lasting

Botox is the strongest popular science, an article to take you through all the issues related to Botox injections, a guide to lightning protection!

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring protein produced by Clostridium botulinum. At present, there are 3 different types of botulinum toxins on the market in official pharmacies in the UK: Type A toxin: Botox, Bocouture, and Azzalure.

The principle of botulinum toxin:

Botulinum toxin is a natural purified protein used for clinical and cosmetic purposes, and is a nerve conduction blocker. Once injected into the muscle, the conduction from the local nerve to the muscle can be blocked to achieve the effect of relaxing the muscle. Now, Botox is widely used in the medical beauty industry. It can relax the cortical muscles to reduce dynamic wrinkles, contract muscle lines to improve the contours of the face and legs, and prevent cortical aging.

Botox safety:

The three major botulism brands used by Royal Zhi, Botos, Ximen and Azura have all obtained international quality system certification. They have served the beauty industry for more than 30 years. They are applicable to the medical examination standards of 80+ countries or regions around the world, and are extremely safe. high. Botox has always been the darling of the medical aesthetics industry because of its safety and high efficiency since it was launched on the market. Long-term clinical trials have proved that it is harmless to the human body and can be completely metabolized within a certain period of time.

Botox is suitable for people:

Botox is suitable for people who want to improve facial dynamic wrinkles, masseter muscle hypertrophy, wide nose wings, inconspicuous jaw line, muscled legs, thick back, shoulder and neck pain, etc.

The premise is that every injection of botulinum must be carefully communicated with the doctor to confirm the best plan.

Botox contraindicated people:

Cannot be injected:

Allergy to botulinum type A or its excipients (such as albumin, sodium chloride);

Suffer from neuromuscular diseases, such as myasthenia gravis or Eaton Lambert syndrome;

Pregnancy and lactation;

Have used aminoglycoside antibiotics or drugs that interfere with neurotransmission;

A certain dose of botulinum was injected into the same site within three months

Inject with caution:

Facial fat is more, face-lifting needle may not be the best option;

The mandible is wide, that is, the big face is bony and not caused by the masseter muscle;

Facial sagging is severe;

Botox is suitable for injection site:
  •  Thin face at the masseter muscle of the face
  • Calf muscle female group legs
  • Thin shoulders and neck, relieve shoulder and neck pain
  • Removal of wrinkles at the end of the eye and the center of the eyebrows (dynamic wrinkles such as frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet)
  • Relax your chin
  • Reduce the alar of the nose
  • Gummy smile on the upper gums
  • Mandibular line and mandible margin tightening needle
  • Antiperspirant and deodorant needle for armpits
How to choose the dose of Botox injection?

The injection unit is not only related to the injection site, but also related to the size of each person’s muscle.

The content of a bottle of botulism varies from brand to brand. In the United Kingdom, Botos, West Malaysia or Azura is generally used. A bottle of Botos and West Malaysia is generally 50 unit or 100 unit, and Azura is 125unit. The new botulinum is in powder form and needs to be dispensed with sterile saline. Only the doctor who gave the injection knows the specific content of the injection, and it cannot be determined solely by the number of bottles.

Facial dosage:
Generally speaking, most people inject Botos and West Malaysia between 50 unit and 60 unit, and some people have a large masseter muscle, and the dose will be 60-100 unit. For the first time, it is considered that each body is different and the muscle size is different.

Body dosage:
The British Yuzhi thin shoulder stovepipe needle has three versions, single, double, and potent versions. The difference lies in the amount of medicine.

The single injection unit is 100-150unit, the double injection unit is 200-250unit, and the potent version is 600unit. According to the different muscles of each person, the number of specific injection units needs to be determined by the doctor. It is recommended to choose double or strong version for the first injection, the effect is significant and the duration is long.

Note: As the number of injections increases, the effect of maintaining botulism will be prolonged, and the dose will decrease instead of increasing.

The basic procedure of Botox injection:

British doctors from Yuzhi have many years of experience in botulism injection, and the operation method is accurate and fast.
The ice injection site in the early stage is injected into the skin with a very fine needle, which is non-irritating and painless. The whole process is comfortable and takes a short time. It is a beauty item that can be done during lunch breaks.

The eye of the injection needle is extremely small, almost invisible to the naked eye, without any bruises or redness, it can be described as “stealth beauty.”

Effective time of Botox:

Botox takes effect quickly. Generally, the effect can be seen within one week after injection of botulinum. Of course, the best effect is about 4 weeks.

How long does the Botox effect last?

Botox works best after four weeks, and then it is naturally metabolized by the body. We cannot guarantee that everyone can achieve the desired results, because the specific retention time varies from person to person and is related to many factors. Generally, it can be maintained for 3-6 months, and for long-term injections, it can be maintained for half a year. ,

First: own situation
Facial hypertrophy may be caused by masseter hypertrophy, facial fat and mandibular bone problems.
The stoutness of the shoulders, neck and legs may be caused by fatty muscles.
Therefore, injection of botulinum can only improve one aspect, and comprehensive treatment can achieve the desired effect.

Second: fewer injections
Taking into account the brand and frequency of Botox injections before, it will also affect the effect of Botox injections.

Third: Wrong expectations
Many people mistakenly think that the masseter muscle under the cheekbones can also relax, but the safe injection site of the masseter muscle is probably the masseter muscle under the lip/earlobe. Generally, we don’t inject the masseter muscle under the cheekbones, which will affect chewing and facial depression. The probability.

Fourth: improper care
After the botulinum injection, you must follow the doctor’s advice and take care of it carefully.
Try not to use facial massage equipment for 3-4 weeks after facial injection, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, drink a lot of alcohol, or press the injection site.

Try to avoid strenuous exercise and wear high heels after the body injection.
Note: As the number of injections increases, the effect of maintaining botulism will be prolonged, and the dose will decrease instead of increasing.

Side effects of Botox injection:

Normal administration of botulinum has almost no adverse effects and recovery period, even if there are side effects, it is temporary and controllable:

Slight redness at the injection site, which can be recovered within one day

There may be bruises, but can recover in 2-3 days

The frog gills and sunken faces shared in news reports or social media may be caused by various reasons: improper botulinum injection location, unsuitable botox injections, excessive injection doses, or doubts about the regularity of the drugs. But eventually with the metabolism of botulism, these symptoms will disappear.

Therefore, when choosing botulinum injection, you should choose a doctor with formal qualifications and rich experience to operate.

Precautions before and after Botox injection:

Before injection: Do not drink alcohol for one day. The history of drug allergy and recent medication needs to communicate with the doctor in advance.

Precautions after injection put aftercare

Royal to select Botox brands from the UK

At present, the British Royal Zhi mainly uses West Malaysia Bocouture, because West Malaysia botulinum does not contain auxiliary proteins, so it does not produce antibodies. The following table is a comparison of important information of three well-known botulism brands

ProductCertificationCold chain storageAntibody proteinEffect
United States Allergan
U.S. FDAneedContains auxiliary protein, easy to produce antibodies for long-term injectionBoth have similar effects
(Clinical test certificate)
West Malaysia
Merz, Germany
U.S. FDANot neededPure protein, no antibodies for long-term injection
The most purified botulinum product
Ipsen, France
U.S. FDAneedContains accessory protein,
Long-term injection is easy to produce antibodies
The effect is similar, but it is easier to spread than the above two

The choice and dosage of the specific product depends on the treatment area and the anatomy of each person. Before each treatment, the doctor will ask each client’s medical history and drug resistance and suggest the most suitable brand of botulinum. Anyone who is engaged in the botulism program in the UK can enjoy a free injection for 2-4 weeks.

Regular item price list

Face-lifting needle from 320 pounds
Stovepipe needle from 500 pounds
Thin shoulder needle from 500 pounds
Dynamic wrinkle removal from 180 pounds
Reduce the nose 180 pounds
Relax your jaw muscles 180 pounds
Gummy smile 180 pounds
Jaw margin lifting needle from 500 pounds
Antiperspirant and deodorant needles from 500 pounds