Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleansing and anti-acne facial uses American ZO’s acne-removing products exfoliating polish, sulfur mask combined with the Aquapure intelligent facial comprehensive care system, generally assisted with acupuncture, to help patients with acne or rough skin to improve the cleanness and fineness of the skin. The warm steam opens the pores, the micro-bubble cleansing handle and the special essence can help remove dead dead skin cells, shrink pores, effectively promote the absorption of the subsequent essence, purify and moisturize the skin; cooperate with blue light therapy to kill acne bacteria, regulate sebum secretion, and improve problematic skin.

Super moisturizing and anti-oxygen Facial

Super moisturizing and anti-oxygen facial combines American skin Ceuticals’ moisturizing and moisturizing products such as CE, CF, B5 essence, 242 facial cream, etc., and the Aquapure intelligent facial comprehensive care system to deeply moisturize dry skin and alleviate problems such as skin jams. The electroporation lead-in handle briefly opens the skin channel to promote the transdermal absorption of the essence; then ice compress can soothe sensitive skin, effectively calm, and help reshape the skin barrier; hot compress can promote blood circulation, improve dull skin, and brighten skin tone.

Anti-aging Anti-aging Lifting Facial

Anti-aging and anti-aging facial and neck lifting facial combined with the star antioxidant products of American Xiu Li Ke Skin Ceuticals, vitamin C firming masque and Aquapure high frequency electromagnetic wave technology deeply relieve skin fatigue, sagging and neck fine lines. Aquapure electroporation lead-in handle adopts multi-point ionization penetration technology to help the essence directly reach the cortex and assist absorption; the micro-current lifting handle generates a bionic micro-current to promote facial muscle movement, reduce edema, dispel dullness, and create a firm V face.