This drip is specifically aimed at urban students or workers with low immunity and irregular daily diet. It is rich in a variety of essential amino acids and minerals to help the body recover, relieve fatigue, improve sub-health, and help boost energy , Prevent premature aging.

Intravenous Nutrition Therapy (IVNT)

What is IVNT?

Intravenous nutrient therapy (English full name is Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, abbreviated as IVNT) can directly transport nutrients such as various vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, etc. into the blood through intravenous injection, thereby helping the body quickly absorb nutrients , Helps to restore health, and even achieve some beauty and body functions such as slimming and fat reduction, whitening and rejuvenating skin. The whole process will not cause any damage to the human body. Intravenous nutrition therapy is suitable for non-medical purposes, such as supplementing water, enhancing immunity, improving energy, replenishing vitality, reducing stress, etc., and is very popular in Europe and even the world. Some big-name celebrities such as “Rihanna” have chosen IVNT as their daily maintenance items. At the same time, IVNT has launched drip projects with different functions. The main nutrients contained in each project are different, which can better solve problems in a targeted manner.

Common IVNT categories:

There are three main types of IVNTs currently available in Royal Vision UK: Immuno booster, Fat burner plus, Skin brightening drips, which are suitable for weakened immunity and need to improve immunity; over-obesity, which requires weight loss and slimming; and dull complexion, which requires whitening. Antioxidant crowd.

The principle of IVNT:

Immuno booster contains B complex vitamins, a variety of essential amino acids and a small amount of vitamin C and other substances, which help the human body to take in enough nutrients daily, thereby improving immunity and helping prevent diseases.

Fat burner plus contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins, which are essential for human metabolism. Amino acids are also the basic substances that constitute the body’s protein, which can promote fat burning. With the help of moderate aerobic exercise, the body’s visceral fat and subcutaneous fat will be reduced, and the blood will become cleaner. While burning fat, it also has the functions of purifying blood, brightening skin, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

Skin brightening is mainly composed of vitamin C and glutathione, as well as other trace mineral elements such as calcium and zinc. Vitamin C has anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, and inhibits the formation of tyrosinase, thus achieving the effect of whitening and lightening spots. As a tripeptide compound, glutathione has extremely strong reducing properties, can enhance blood oxygenation, clear fire and detoxify, regulate the skin from the inside out, repair uneven skin tone, and has an important role in anti-oxidation and detoxification of the human body. The role of.

In addition, through intravenous injection, sufficient minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other functional ingredients are directly sent to the body’s circulatory system, bypassing the digestive tract, so as to ensure that the body absorbs 100% of these nutrients. The absorption of intravenous injection is much higher than oral or intramuscular injection.

IVNT security:

As long as it is an IV drip produced by a regular manufacturer, and is performed by a professional and experienced physician for dispensing, injection and other operations, then the whole process is safe and comfortable.

Since 2014, the UK has officially introduced IVNT, so IVNT injections in the UK are completely legal and compliant. The most important thing is that everyone must choose a qualified clinic and doctor for intravenous drip therapy.

IVNT is suitable for the crowd:

IVNT has introduced drip treatments with different functions, so it is also suitable for guests with different needs.

Generally speaking, IVNT is suitable for people with low immunity; tired body and lack of water in the skin; unbalanced intake of vitamins or nutrients; and people with obesity, dull skin tone, and poor sleep quality.

IVNT contraindication population:

All people in one of the following situations are not recommended for any IVNT treatment.

Pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, chronic renal failure, liver disease, epilepsy, stroke patients, cancer patients (receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy), allergic to trace elements such as thiamine or iron, hyperparathyroidism, etc.

Experts suggest that you must inform your doctor of your past medical history and current physical condition before receiving an intravenous injection.

The basic process of IVNT:

Before treatment, ensure that the body is in a relatively warm state, this is for smooth blood circulation. Doctors generally select the arm’s arm for blood sampling. Firstly, alcohol is disinfected, and then intravenous injection is performed, adjusting the drip rate at an appropriate rate, so that the client can complete the entire treatment process comfortably.

Effective time of IVNT:

The effective time of intravenous nutrition therapy varies from person to person. For people with high drug absorption, the effect can be seen after one or two treatments, while some people need more treatments. All in all, after a complete course of IVNT treatment, more than 95% of people can notice obvious changes, such as energetic or weight loss, even and brighter skin tone, and happy mood. The specific effect depends on the selected injection project.

How long does the IVNT effect last?

After a complete treatment is over, the effect of IVNT can generally last for several months when most people do follow-up care. However, if you need a longer-lasting effect, you can choose multiple courses of treatment in consultation with your doctor.

Side effects of IVNT injection:

Although nutrients are very beneficial to the human body, excessive intake can also have some negative effects. Therefore, before IVNT injection, you need to consult your doctor and determine the amount of drug required for injection to ensure that the best effect is obtained when the concentration of functional ingredients is high. Common side effects are as follows:

Blood circulation is accelerated, body temperature rises, facial flushing, muscle weakness, eyes are more sensitive, etc., but these phenomena are temporary and can return to normal 2-3 hours after the basic injection.

Precautions before and after IVNT injection:

Before injection: make sure that you do not have any blood diseases or other major diseases

After injection: Drink plenty of water every day, have a light diet, and you need to pay attention to sunscreen for whitening and dripping. You can use sunscreen with SPF50 and above.