Aqualyx® lipolysis needle

What is Aqualyx liposuction injection?

Aqualyx® is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment for obesity, which can minimize and remove stubborn local fat cells, helping beauty lovers achieve the desire of slimming and beautifying. In the United Kingdom, Aqualyx is considered a very safe and effective lipolytic injection. It is mainly made of deoxycholate (DC) and plant compounds. When injected, it penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue and can destroy fat cells. It is excreted from the body, and the whole process does not cause any harm to the human body.

The famous surgeon Professor Pasquale Motolese developed the Aqualyx lipolysis needle in 2004 and launched it in the global market in 2009. Since December 2012, Aqualyx has been approved by the British government for use in weight loss and other medical projects. Therefore, whether it is overall obesity or people who still have local stubborn fat despite persistent exercise, the liposuction injection is an ideal choice for tens of millions of people who lose weight.

The principle of the Aqualyx lipolysis needle:

The principle of action of Aqualyx® is to inject drugs into the fat layer. The drugs act on the fat layer to destroy the fat cell membrane and liquefy the fat cells. The fat cells gradually expand, rupture, and decompose, and finally they are naturally metabolized and excreted from the body through the lymphatic system.

Note: The number of human fat cells is fixed, so once fat cells are reduced, the fat-dissolving effect is correspondingly permanent. However, in the case of overall gaining weight, the fat cells will increase in size and the treated area will also recover.

Safety of Aqualyx liposuction needle:

Aqualyx therapy is a non-surgical item. This alone is safer than other surgical treatments such as liposuction, and has a shorter recovery period. It also has lower requirements for the physical condition of the guests. Most healthy people can receive lipolysis treatment. Of course, Aqualyx is also more advantageous in terms of price compared to other instruments for reducing fat. Considering both price and effect, it should be the first choice for people who reduce fat.

Since Aqualyx needs to be accurately injected into the fat layer, the prerequisite for safety is to choose a qualified, reputable, and experienced doctor to operate it, and not to find someone to inject it. After all, the common treatment sites have many blood vessels. Once the injection is not in place, not only the fat will not be eliminated, but other problems will not be worth the loss. So you must receive this treatment from a medical professional who has a training certificate.

Aqualyx lipolysis needle is suitable for people:

Aqualyx® is a local fat-dissolving and shaping treatment, not a weight loss solution. Therefore, the treatment with Aqualyx® is only suitable for customers who have a need to reduce fat on the facial or local obese areas, and under normal circumstances, the weight before and after the treatment There won’t be much change.

People who are contraindicated with Aqualyx lipolysis needles:

Generally speaking, guests who are generally healthy and do not have any skin diseases or infections in the treatment area can receive lipolysis treatment. However, treatment is not recommended for the following conditions:

  1. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to use Aqualyx®.
  2. Patients with autoimmune system diseases
  3. Diabetes
  4. Patients with severe allergic reactions or who are extremely allergic
  5. Acute or chronic skin diseases in the treatment area
  6. Take blood thinning drugs, etc.

Of course, in the face-to-face consultation with a doctor, you need to inform your past medical history and medication history in detail so that the doctor can judge the treatment.

Aqualyx lipolysis needle is suitable for injection site:

Aqualyx® is basically suitable for most body parts, such as:

Chin, cheeks, abdomen, arms, thighs, calves, back, accessory breasts, knees, etc.

How to choose the dosage of Aqualyx lipolysis needle injection?

The dose that a guest needs to inject for a single treatment depends on the fat of the treated area and the desired effect. During the consultation process, the doctor will discuss with you a detailed lipolysis plan. Generally, one bottle at a time is enough for the face and double chin. For large areas of the body such as thighs, calves, abdomen, etc., you can take 3-5 bottles at a time. Of course, all the treatments can be seen in one go.

The basic procedure of Aqualyx lipolysis needle injection:

After confirming the treatment area and dosage with the doctor, the doctor will first clean the treatment area, apply ice for 3-5 minutes, and then use a special needle called a cannula to perform a series of injections. Usually the entire treatment process lasts half an hour to an hour. During the process, there will be slight swelling and pain in the treatment area. This is completely normal. During the treatment, the doctor will often help you massage to help the drug spread and take effect. If you take care of it later, the swelling will disappear, so don’t worry.

Effective time of Aqualyx lipolysis needle:

Usually, after the treatment, everyone has a mild or severe swelling reaction. Once the swelling disappears, the effect will slowly show up. Generally, the effect can be fully seen in 4-6 weeks.

However, because each person has different metabolism and absorption of drugs, the speed of drug action is also different. If you have any questions, you can contact the treatment clinic at any time.

How long does the effect of Aqualyx liposuction needle last?

As long as the weight of the client remains stable after the treatment (that is, assuming you are not gaining weight, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly), the results of Aqualyx® treatment are permanent.

However, if the weight gains during the period, the treatment effect may not be obvious and disappear.

Aqualyx lipolysis needle injection side effects:

Aqualyx® is a non-surgical treatment option, which means that compared to other liposuction procedures, there is almost no possibility of scarring. So people treated with Aqualyx® usually experience minimal side effects. For example, guests may experience some temporary side effects during treatment, including bruising, swelling, redness and irritation. But these side effects usually disappear after 1-3 days, and some people will take a long time, such as 1 week, to recover. This is normal. According to many years of clinical reports from Aqualyx manufacturers, so far, no serious or permanent side effects have occurred. Therefore, guests who are in good health and no serious medical history can consider this project. It will not cause any adverse burden on the body. Please feel free to consult.

Precautions before and after the injection of Aqualyx lipolysis needle:

Before injection:

Avoid the aunt period, and not drink alcohol within 24 hours before treatment.

Avoid taking vitamin E and ginkgo biloba extract drugs and all anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen for two days.

Binge eating is not recommended within the day before treatment.

You cannot take aspirin within a week. If you take aspirin, please inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding cannot receive this treatment.

After injection:

Avoid applying cosmetics on the treated area within 24 hours, using any acid-containing skin care products, and contacting any heat or radiation sources (sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, sauna, etc.)

Do not drink alcohol within 48 hours.

For a short time, avoid strenuous sports.

Pay attention to your diet. Don’t overeating because of the fat-dissolving injection, otherwise you will gain weight.

Pay attention to drink plenty of water, apply heat to massage the treatment area to help the body’s metabolism (can assist the drug carnitine).