Three characteristics:

Firm lifting
Smoothes wrinkles
Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin

What is a five o’clock lifting needle?

Hyaluronic acid is the most famous body filler. It is a natural ingredient and has no harm to the human body. The functional ingredient of Profhilo is hyaluronic acid, but unlike other hyaluronic acid, it adopts patented Hybrid Technology cell regeneration technology to activate keratinocytes and fibroblasts, produce 12 times more collagen and elastic cells at the bottom of the muscle, and promote adipose tissue Renew and replenish lost fat cells to achieve the effect of lifting and firming and reshaping facial contours. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid has super high water absorption, which can enhance hydration, make the skin soft and smooth, and smooth fine lines.

The principle of the five-point lifting needle:

Profhilo contains 32mg of small molecule hyaluronic acid (80-100Kda) and 32mg of large molecule hyaluronic acid (1100-1400Kda), which are the products with the highest hyaluronic acid content on the market. Once hyaluronic acid is injected into the deep layers of the skin, it will quickly disperse and react with the tissues, absorbing a large amount of water, and enhancing the skin’s hydration and luster. With NAHYCO’s patented mixing technology, it avoids the loss of macromolecular hyaluronic acid, stabilizes the high-concentration hyaluronic acid mixture of macromolecules and small molecules, and improves the durability of the effect.

The exclusive Hybrid Technology cell regeneration technology continuously activates and repairs muscle stem cells within two months after the first injection, and produces 12 times more collagen, elastin and fat cells at the muscle bottom, which effectively reshapes the structure of facial skin and acts on relaxation The skin makes the skin fuller, smoother and firmer.

Because of its gel-like texture, Prophilo can be smoothly and evenly distributed in the deep layers of the skin, instead of forming a solid mass like traditional fillers, so it can be used on multiple areas, even on the neck and forehead.

In short, the five-point lifting needle is an anti-aging project that can meet various needs such as anti-aging and anti-aging, hydrating and moisturizing, eliminating fine lines, and firming skin.

Five-point lifting needle safety:

The five-point lifting needle is a medical beauty project with almost no repair period. It is extremely safe. It has obtained the EU CE and US FDA dual certification, and has more than 400,000 successful clinical cases. The world’s highest concentration, purest hyaluronic acid, without BDDE chemical cross-linking agent, will not cause allergies and inflammation, and can be completely metabolized by the human body in the later period without burden.

The five-point lifting needle is suitable for the crowd:

Profhilo is suitable for people of any skin type, as well as guests with anti-aging needs.

Especially for those 25 years and older with fine lines and slight sagging and sagging skin.

People who are contraindicated for five-point lifting needles:

It is not recommended for patients suffering from infectious diseases, cancer, blood diseases such as HIV or diabetes or impaired immune system. Of course, guests who are pregnant or breast-feeding are not recommended to undergo any medical injections.

For the selection of any project, qualified and experienced doctors are the most important prerequisites.

Five-point lifting needle injection site:

Usually five points are selected for injection on half of the face, and the five points are evenly distributed on the face to obtain the best firming and lifting effect.

Body parts such as hands, abdomen, legs, arms and any other parts with loose skin can be injected with Profhilo, which greatly improves the water loss, sagging and sagging skin caused by aging.

How to choose the number of five-point lifting needle treatments?

The doctor recommends two needles as a complete course of treatment, usually one month apart between the two needles. For guests with high anti-aging needs, the first injection can be treated again six months after the injection to ensure the prolonged effect. Profhilo can not only be used alone, but also can be combined with other anti-aging items such as botulinum and photoelectric items. The two do not conflict at all, but the specific combination and the interval between items need to be consulted with the doctor.

The basic process of five-point lifting needle injection:

At the treatment site, a very thin needle is used to inject Profhilo into the dermis. Generally, there is no need to pre-anesthetize or inject lidocaine, but it will assist with ice to help the treatment process more comfortable. The entire treatment process is very fast, about ten minutes, and five injections are taken at the treatment site, one of the new “fast food medical beauty”.

Five o’clock lifting needle effective time:

Generally, the effect starts on the day of the injection. 4 hours after the injection, the collagen and elastic fibers in the keratinocytes increase significantly.

The duration of the five-point lifting needle effect:

With the aid of the patented Hybrid Technology, the therapeutic effect of a five-point lifting needle can be maintained for 18-24 months, and the specific duration varies from person to person.

Five-point lifting needle injection side effects:

The average person injects Profhilo without any long-term side effects. Its main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, can be completely metabolized by the human body and will not cause any burden on the internal organs, because Profhilo does not contain any ingredients that may cause allergies. However, some people may experience redness, slight bruises, labor pains, and itching at the injection site. This is a very rare case and is related to a person’s sensitive physique. However, these are temporary phenomena, and they usually recover completely within 1-2 days.

Precautions before and after the five-point lifting needle injection:
Before injection:

It is recommended to avoid alcohol and take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs within 24 hours before treatment.

After injection:

Do not run, swim or other strenuous exercise within 24 hours, and avoid makeup. Avoid spicy foods, seafood with shells, beef and mutton, etc.

It is best not to go to the sauna and steam room for a few days after treatment.